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At the core of HFTF’s vision is the belief that children belong in FAMILY not institutions. Several months ago, we became aware of an absolutely heartbreaking situation with another local NGO in Addis Ababa. This organization is called Beteseb, which means “family” in Amharic (the language spoken in Ethiopia). For almost ten years, Beteseb has provided two loving homes for twenty children formerly in the government orphanages. Sadly, due to several years of under-funding and international support declining, they were been told by the government that they would need to close. The sad but devastating reality is that without intervention, the twenty children in the two Beteseb homes will be returned to the government orphanages until they age out. These children would be stripped of the only family they’ve ever known, withdrawn from school, and several of them separated from biological siblings. The director of Beteseb had reached out for help to several organizations and government agencies for help to no avail. Fortunately through a personal connection, our HFTF director was connected to Beteseb. He was deeply moved by the children’s personal stories and felt compelled to ensure their family could stay together. After looking into their eyes, he knew that HFTF would not stop until we found a solution for these teens. So far, HFTF has secured funding for all ten girls from a domestic source. We are currently looking for faithful partners in this short-term project to help us support the ten boys. 


Support them complete their education

Place them for apprenticeship training with local businesses that have established relationships with HFTF 

 Provide financial stewardship/independence training. 

 Set up structured time of discipleship, tutoring, and mentorship 

We have full confidence that by the time each of the teens reaches early adulthood, they will be equipped and mature enough to pursue meaningful work and be reliable and contributing members of their communities.