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Belay T. Gebru

Founder and Managing Director

"Uncle Ben"  founded HFTF in 2012. His own story is one of tremendous tragedy and redemption, both shaping much of his ministry to the fatherless of Ethiopia. Prior to starting HFTF, he served as a child advocate for sponsorship with Compassion International and tour staff for the His Little Feet children's choir. Uncle Ben is the heart of the organization and is gifted in inspiring those around him to champion excellence for the most vulnerable. Belay is married to Koki, and they have two beautiful children. 

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Freyhiwot Abera

Chief Financial Officer, Ethiopia

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Lea Wright

Director of International Relations and the LTC

Lea joined HFTF in early 2019. Her own journey as an adoptee led her back to serve in Ethiopia after growing up in the US. Her roles include managing our international donors, hosting teams and volunteers, and planning programs for the HFTF kids in the LTC. Lea is a planner and organizer at heart which she uses to bring our USA and Ethiopia teams together. Lea is married to Sammy, and they have one beautiful daughter. 


Solome Workayehu

Director of Marketing and Public Relations

In 2020, Solome first got involved in HFTF as a volunteer mentor for some of our older girls. Today, she still continues in that role while also being part of our administrative staff. Solome is a graduate of the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA, where she studied PR and business. Prior to joining our team, she interned in the African Union and worked as a digital marketer for Zelemen Communications. Solome's professionalism and creativity are a great asset to the ministry of HFTF. 


Eyrusalem Tadesse

Adoption Program Manager 

Eyerusalem (Jerry M) is the manager of Faith House. A graduate of Arba Minch University, she wanted to join HFTF because of her own vision to serve and to empower a rising generation of Ethiopian youth. Previously, Jerry was working as a teacher in Gibson Academy.  Her kindness, reliability, and resourcefulness bring great strength to HFTF. Jerry is newly married to Kidus, and they make their home in Addis. 

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Hewan Fekadu

Sponsorship Coordinator 

{Bio coming soon}

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Paul Galliart

Bookkeeper (USA)

Paul became our USA bookkeeper in 2020. In addition to working part-time for HFTF, he is also on staff for the Navigators. His expertise has helped HFTF reach new levels of organization and efficiency in ministry. Paul lives in Colorado Springs, CO with his family. 


Sydney Dragovich

Intern (USA)

Sydney is a longtime champion of Hope for the Fatherless. She and her family have been instrumental in fundraising and advocating for the ministry in their home state of Colorado. In 2018, Sydney traveled to Ethiopia for the first time and returned a year later with a team from our US Board. She began officially interning with HFTF in 2021 and helps us keep our USA operations running smoothly.